Friday, August 24, 2012

Boy, Have I Got A Post For You

Before the financial peace class began on Monday, the young adult minister at the church where the class is held got up to speak for a minute.  He said "As soon as you start trying to start saving, something is going to happen to try and prevent you from getting here. From succeeding."

Well friends, that thing happened to me the very next day. It happened to me hard.

Here I am, driving down I-40 in my super fly 1999 white Ford Taurus I bought 2 months ago. See, I sold my super cute 2010 Corolla (sport edition!!) in an effort to...(drum roll)...SAVE MONEY! And with the leftover money, I bought said Taurus.

So I'm driving, rocking out to some crappy pop song, when I decide I need to pass the grandma in front of me. I signal, move over, and I press on that gas. I keep pressing the gas. I'm pressing the gas. HELLO? GAS PEDAL? WHY AREN'T YOU WORKING? I glance down. The little RPM thingy (I know SO MUCH about cars!!) is like on 4, even though I'm not going faster. The little dial is all the way to "H" instead of a comfortable "slightly above C". 

So I'm all "ok, this can't be good." I'm just a couple of miles from my exit so my plan is to just make it and pull into a gas station. 

I start smelling something funny (literally, it stinks.) My NEW plan is to get off at the exit before mine and make it to a gas station. So I pull off the exit and my power steering goes out, 2 lights on my dash come on and smoke starts coming out from under my hood. So my NEW NEW plan is to pull over on the side of the ramp, turn off the car....and cry.

Yes my friends, (or enemies, i might have an enemy or two reading) this happened the day after I get pretty enthused about saving money and getting on the road to financial freedom!!

So, anyway, the conclusion is this: My engine shut down and it would cost as much as I paid for the car to fix it. So, it has been sold for parts, and tomorrow I will bid farewell to my piece of crap hunk of metal car.

Needless to say, the past few days I've been pissed off and frustrated. And less than enthused about this whole process of saving money. But, I know I can't let it run me over like a Mack truck. I know it will all work out, and I know I have a wonderful support system around me.

I have a plan to raise/save money for a down payment on a less crappy car, and I think it's fairly achievable.

With that said, Who wants to buy a Canon EOS Rebel XSi? It's a beautiful piece of photography machinery :-)

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